Los Angeles, California

In collaboration with Evoke Dance Company


"Point" explores the relationship between dance, light, shadow, and space.  The piece utilizes three lights that react to music.  Each light corresponds to dancer in a distinct dance style: modern, pointe, and hip-hop, respectively.  The dimming of the lights triggers choreography and improvisation, exploring how a simple “point” can affect each dancer’s movement.  Beyond just a point in space, the dancers perceive the light as a point in time, reacting to it as a moth to the flame, a fleeting moment that slips in and out of reality.


Dancers: KR Banaag, Nanneh Chehras, Joy Dayaw

Choreographers: Phillip Lu, Erin Cuevas, Harmony Cruz, and KR Banaag

Film: Luke Kraman (director and editor) and Philips Shum (cinematography)

Featured photography: Shivani Reddy

Selected clip from "Point."  Short film to be released May 2017.

Project XYZ: "Point"

with Evoke Dance Company