Tokyo, Japan

Harvard Graduate School of Design

Advised by Inaki Abalos, Cristina Diaz Moreno, Efren Garcia Grinda, and Alex Zahlten

Published - "Solid" A+T Publication (cover image and article), Harvard GSD Platform 9 (print), fortchcoming, A + T “Interior Matters” (print)

Exhibited - Architektur Galerie, Berlin, 2016; Platform 9 Exhibition, Harvard GSD, 2017


The proposal in Tokyo addresses the duality between Kawaii and Kowai -- two Japanese words with similar phonetics, but opposing meanings. Kawaii denotes a purity, innocence, and femininity, while Kowai, on the other hand, denotes fear, danger, and perversity. The architecture provokes the overlapping of Kawaii-Kowai in terms of social interaction and subjective perceptual experience. Layers of concrete delaminate to enclose product showrooms, and a series of varied apertures allow for dual peepshow-panopticon interactions surrounding a central atrium. The design embraces human and architectural transformation, translating space into profitable advertisement - ultimately integrating built space into consumer culture.


The experience hinges primarily on the atrium experience, explored through various physical model studies. White 3D-printed powder models serve as a base for applied dichroic film at the apertures. The results of this are transformative, bringing the interiors to life with evolving color spectrums, as the sun reaches the iridescent material at various angles.



Tokyo, Japan