Los Angeles, California

In collaboration with Evoke Dance Company


“Line” relies on surrounding infrastructure and the human body to create dynamic geometric elements.  Twins Jeniffer and Justine Hsu, directors of Evoke Dance Company, dance with elastic bands that represent the tension, strength, connections, and divisions these sisters have built between one another over time. The Hsu sisters work together to construct their abstract notion of “home” both physically and mentally throughout their “Line”performance, creating a human scale linework drawing through their movement.


Dancers: Jeniffer and Justine Hsu

Choreographers: Phillip Lu and Joy Dayaw

Film: Luke Kraman (director and editor) and Philips Shum (cinematography)

Featured photography: Chris Lim

Selected clip from "Line"

"Line" presented at Mashup Contemporary Dance Company's Women's Day event, March 2018

Project XYZ: "Line"

with Evoke Dance Company