2016, unbuilt

Los Angeles, California

In collaboration with GHBW

*to respect the client’s anonymity, the company name is replaced with [BRAND]


Several studies were central to the design approach for a new [BRAND] gallery and retail location in downtown Los Angeles. These inquiries ascertained the following: (1) [BRAND]’s aesthetic identity, (2) the current public perception of the brand as evidenced through social media, and (3) the role this physical location could play in [BRAND] achieving its broad cultural ambitions.


[BRAND] is something that cannot be labeled. It isn’t simply a gallery, a retail store, or a venue; it’s all of these. The brand’s ambition is to be a tastemaker that directs lifestyles. We identified a clear disconnect between [BRAND]’s media output and the way the public perceived the brand. Our design concepts focused on creating a space that would attract people and generate hype. Porous spatial dividers, unique visual overlays, and the integration of physical and digital materials would become a backdrop for social image production and consumption.


Ultimately, this design approach would merge [BRAND]’s digital identity and physical identity into one, embodying them together in this space.


[BRAND] Gallery

with GHBW