Through design at various scales, CMLA aims to produce fluid interaction between humans and their material and immaterial environments. The studio’s work addresses the psychological and behavioral impacts of our media-rich urban cultures, relying on studies within neuroaesthetics and sociology to help identify specific design techniques that can be implemented through architectural practice. CMLA is passionate about interdisciplinary collaboration and the potential for the built environment to improve human well-being with each sensory experience. The name, “Curious Minds Los Angeles,” embodies the studio’s vision to bring the subjects of our curiosities—nature, science, performance art, industrial design, and social media—into design realities that actively engage the mind and emotions.

The studio was founded by architects Erin Cuevas and Jana Masset Collatz, two women with unique backgrounds who quickly found common ground and a strong friendship while studying at the Harvard Graduate School of Design. The young practice is committed to shaping the exciting future of both design pedagogy and practice.

CMLA’s invaluable team of collaborators has included Daina Swagerty, Jan Collatz, Joy Dayaw, Phillip Lu, Luke Kraman, Phillips Shum, Myrna Ayoub, John Farrace, Elena Hasbun, Victoria Brown, Sarah Rodenhouse, Matthew Conway, Preston Johnston, Walter Wang, Alex Weisfeld, Scott March Smith, and Max Suechting.

724 South Spring Street Suite 1101, Los Angeles, CA 90014