Cambridge, Massachusetts

Harvard Graduate School of Design

Advised by Krzysztof Wodiczko

In collaboration with Myrna Ayoub, Hannah Cohen, and Michael Johnson


Exhibited - fortyK gallery, Cambridge, 2015


Exposure is a didactic tool by which to structurally and historically autopsy an architectural space. As related to the predominantly inaccessible interior of Memorial Hall on the Harvard University Campus, Exposure has two ambitions: (1) to intervene against Memorial Hall’s alienating spatial divides by exhibiting the hall as a transparent space; and (2) to disclose the Hall’s history both public and private, celebrated and suppressed.


Exposure takes the form of an acrylic viewing chamber stationed facing Memorial Hall. When viewers look through the mounted eye-frame on the opaque surface of the chamber, their line of sight passes through the interior of the chamber and out through the transparent back towards Memorial Hall. This direct line of sight, then, is enhanced by two programs, one spatial and one historical, produced on a series of screen-like acrylic sheets mechanized within the box.


The strength of Exposure’s design lies in its being a kinetic object through which viewers can physically manipulate space (from a fixed viewing point, perspectival imagery allows viewers to see interior spaces they cannot physically access) and time (etched collages of historical imagery and text evoke the aura and often controversial history of each interior space) by sliding them in and out of their field of vision.



with Myrna Ayoub, Hannah Cohen, and Michael Johnson